en menos que canta un gallo

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en menos que canta un gallo
in two shakes
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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A position of power or influence, or a way to get it.

Example: His parents got him an in with the company.

Definition: (chiefly in the plural) One who, or that which, is in; especially, one who is in office.

Definition: The state of a batter/batsman who is currently batting; see innings.

Definition: A re-entrant angle; a nook or corner.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To enclose.

Definition: To take in; to harvest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adjective

Definition: Located indoors, especially at home or at one's office or place of work.

Example: Is Mr. Smith in?

Definition: Located inside something.

Example: Little by little I pushed the snake into the basket, until finally all of it was in.

Definition: (of the ball or other playing implement) Falling or remaining within the bounds of the playing area.

Example: If the tennis ball bounces on the line then it's in.

Definition: Inserted or fitted into something.

Example: I've discovered why the TV wasn't working – the plug wasn't in!

Definition: Having been collected or received.

Example: The replies to the questionnaires are now all in.

Definition: In fashion; popular.

Example: Skirts are in this year.

Definition: Incoming.

Example: the in train

Definition: (of the sails of a vessel) Furled or stowed.

Definition: Of the tide, at or near its highest level.

Example: You can't get round the headland when the tide's in.

Definition: With privilege or possession; used to denote a holding, possession, or seisin.

Example: in by descent; in by purchase; in of the seisin of her husband

Definition: Currently batting.

Definition: Having familiarity or involvement with somebody.

Example: He is very in with the Joneses.

Definition: Having a favourable position, such as a position of influence or expected gain, in relation to another person.

Example: I think that bird fancies you. You're in there, mate!

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: adverb

Definition: At or towards the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room.

Example: He ran to the edge of the swimming pool and dived in.

Definition: Towards the speaker or other reference point.

Example: For six hours the tide flows in, then for another six hours it flows out.

Definition: So as to be enclosed or surrounded by something.

Example: Bring the water to the boil and drop the vegetables in.

Definition: Still eligible to play, e.g. able to bat in cricket and baseball.

Example: He went for the wild toss but wasn't able to stay in.

Definition: After the beginning of something.

Example: The show still didn't become interesting 20 minutes in.

Definition: (in combination, after a verb) Denotes a gathering of people assembled for the stated activity, sometimes, though not always, suggesting a protest.

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Phonetic: "/ɪn/"

Part Of Speech: preposition

Definition: Used to indicate location, inclusion, or position within spatial, temporal or other limits.

Definition: Into.

Example: Less water gets in your boots this way.

Definition: Used to indicate limit, qualification, condition, or circumstance.

Example: In replacing the faucet washers, he felt he was making his contribution to the environment.

Definition: Used to indicate means, medium, format, genre, or instrumentality.

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Phonetic: "/tuː/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The digit/figure 2.

Example: The number 2202 contains three twos.

Definition: A two-dollar bill.

Definition: A child aged two.

Example: This toy is suitable for the twos and threes.

Definition: A playing card featuring two pips.

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Phonetic: "/tuː/"

Part Of Speech: numeral

Definition: A numerical value equal to 2; this many dots (••).

Definition: Describing a set or group with two elements.

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Phonetic: "/ʃeɪks/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: The act of shaking or being shaken; tremulous or back-and-forth motion.

Example: She replied in the negative, with a shake of her head.

Definition: A milkshake.

Definition: A beverage made by adding ice cream to a (usually carbonated) drink; a float.

Definition: Shake cannabis, small, leafy fragments of cannabis that gather at the bottom of a bag of marijuana.

Definition: (building material) A thin shingle.

Definition: A crack or split between the growth rings in wood.

Definition: A fissure in rock or earth.

Definition: A basic wooden shingle made from split logs, traditionally used for roofing etc.

Definition: Instant, second. (Especially in two shakes.)

Definition: One of the staves of a hogshead or barrel taken apart.

Definition: A rapid alternation of a principal tone with another represented on the next degree of the staff above or below it; a trill.

Definition: A shook of staves and headings.

Definition: The redshank, so called from the nodding of its head while on the ground.

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Phonetic: "/ʃeɪks/"

Part Of Speech: verb

Definition: To cause (something) to move rapidly in opposite directions alternatingly.

Example: He shook the can of soda for thirty seconds before delivering it to me, so that, when I popped it open, soda went everywhere.

Definition: To move (one's head) from side to side, especially to indicate refusal, reluctance or disapproval.

Example: Shaking his head, he kept repeating "No, no, no".

Definition: To move or remove by agitating; to throw off by a jolting or vibrating motion.

Example: to shake fruit down from a tree

Definition: To disturb emotionally; to shock.

Example: He was shaken by what had happened.

Definition: To lose, evade, or get rid of (something).

Example: I can't shake the feeling that I forgot something.

Definition: To move from side to side.

Example: She shook with grief.

Definition: (usually as "shake on") To shake hands.

Example: OK, let's shake on it.

Definition: To dance.

Example: She was shaking it on the dance floor.

Definition: To give a tremulous tone to; to trill.

Example: to shake a note in music

Definition: To threaten to overthrow.

Example: The experience shook my religious belief.

Definition: To be agitated; to lose firmness.

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Phonetic: "/ʃeɪks/"

Part Of Speech: noun

Definition: A pattern of behavior including twitches, tics and spasms typical of withdrawal from addiction; usually following the.

Example: When researchers either stopped the diet or administered an opioid blocker, the rats showed signs common to drug withdrawal, such as teeth-chattering and the shakes. http//apu.sfn.org/index.cfm?pagename=brainBriefings_sugarAddiction

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